Revelation 9:11

Ian A. Stuart

is a published author as well as a film, television and live theatre producer. He has written, produced and directed over 135 films and television programs, some of which have won awards. As a founder, past president and former director of a Humane Society, he is the author of the definitive book on animals and the Judaeo-Christian scriptures: ‘The Animals Bible’.

Now concentrating on writing, Ian is the author of several motion picture screenplays. Raised in the Anglican (Episcopalian) tradition, he has always been fascinated by the fantastic imagery found in Biblical books like Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation and is currently working with David Franklyn on the motion picture screenplay for “Revelation 9:11”.

David R. Franklyn

was initially trained as a metallurgical engineer, but gave up that profession to pursue the arts. He has been a producer, director, stage manager, teacher, writer, musician and actor with wide-ranging experience in stage, TV and movie production. This career included over twenty live stage performances and eighty television commercials, theatrical feature films and TV movies. David is also an accomplished martial artist.

A Roman Catholic by faith, Dave shares Mr. Stuart’s interest in the extraordinary imagery found in the Bible and is currently working on the second book in this trilogy, as well as the movie script based on “Revelation 9:11”.