Unravel the clues to a supernatural mystery and discover what will happen at the end of the world through the pages of this controversial 400-page supernatural novel. Based on ancient manuscripts including the books of Revelation, Enoch and the Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch, it flashes back and forth between the centuries to a stunning and unforgettable ending

Discover why the eccentric Roman Catholic priest Benjamin Price was silenced by the Vatican

Enter the mind of Abaddon - Destroyer of the Old Testament and Angel of the Abyss

Solve the mystery of the unusual Native woman found on a rocky beach with her body stained red

Live through shipwrecks, dramatic escapes, supernatural battles and executions by fire

Locate the living, timeless, fog-bound Island at the very edge of North America

Confront the Archangel Michael - warrior Prince of the Seraphim

Experience a vision of Heaven and a clash between celestial beings in the depths of the Abyss